Our alpine courses provide the perfect locations to learn new skills and meet the challenges of climbing, route finding, camping, and being prepared for the unexpected. Our aim for is for you to lead your expedition summit attempt by the end of the week, both a very rewarding and empowering experience.

Home in on all the alpine skills required to enjoy the mountains independently – the aim of our alpine courses is to get you out in the mountains unguided in the future: trip planning, weather, avalanche concerns and routes, plan B’s, safety plans, camp locations, group dynamics and plenty more!




More than two-thirds of Willie's trips are considered "private" bookings, or Custom Trips.

These rates do not include gratuity.

Half-Day Trips 

Typically only available for Little or Big Cottonwood Canyon in UT. Can be applied in other locations when added to a multi-day trip.

  • 1:1 - $230 per person per day  
  • 2:1 - $150 per person per day
  • 3:1 - $130 per person per day
  • 4:1 - $100 per person per day  

Local Day Trips - applies to all Alpine Climbing Days

  • 1:1 - $450 per person per day. $450
  • 2:1 - $300 or per person per day
  • 3:1 - $210 per person per day

Standard Trips

For all other destinations outside of Utah  and all overnight trips

  • 1:1 - $600 per person per day  
  • 2:1 - $350 per person per day.
  • 3:1 - $250 per person per day  

Extreme Days

'Extreme' days consist of more than 10 hours of movement, often up to 14. Depending on travel and logistics, Willie may require two Standard Days instead of one extreme day.

  • 1:1 - $800 per person per day
  • 2:1 - $405 per person per day


International Trips

For all destinations outside of the USA;  international trips consist of lengthy planning (logistics, flights, purchases, visa processing, international wire transfer fees, FX rate)

  • 1:1 - $800 per person per day
  • 2:1 - $450 per person per day

Special Objectives

This will depend on the type of climb intended (difficulty and length). Prices are pre-agreed with the client(s).


The rates listed above are accurate for  all USA domestic trips and in some cases international trips.  The final price may differ due to price fluctuations with local providers. Taxes are not included in the rates listed above and other fees may exist, depending on location. E.g. camping fees, hotels, food.


For all destinations outside of Utah the cost of Willie's travel is to be covered by the guest. Many guide services add this to their rates, but we've chosen to keep it separate so that it may be divided evenly between guests. This travel fee is a second charge. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.


Rates does not include providing food for  guests - we've found just too many differences in tastes and preferences.


The rate does include all group camping and climbing equipment: tents, stoves, stove fuel, pots, climbing ropes, and climbing protection. The rate does not include personal camping and climbing equipment.


Tipping has become an ingrained part of the American service industry, and guiding isn't an exception. Gratuity is not included in any of Willie's rates. If you have questions or would like suggestions about how to tip your guide, please contact us.


Deposits, Refunds, and Cancelations

  • A 20% deposit is needed to secure your booking, and full payment is needed 30 days prior to your trip
  • If you cancel before the 30 day mark, half of your deposit (10% of the total) is non-refundable. If you cancel before 10 days prior to your trip, the entire deposit amount (20%) is non-refundable.
  • If you cancel at or less than 10 days prior to your trip, there is no refund, as it is very unlikely Willie can schedule other work in such short time.
  • If Willie cancels for any reason other than weather or avalanche conditions, you will get a full refund.
  • Willie reserves the right to change the objective. If that is not possible or agreeable, he will make a good-faith effort to reschedule once within the next three months, but cannot guarantee rescheduling in all instances. Weather and avalanche hazard are an inherent part of the mountain and wilderness experience, and we all get "skunked" now and again!

* PURCHASE TRAVEL INSURANCE! We cannot encourage strongly enough that you get trip insurance! Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance with this.


Hybrid Avalanche Course (AAI Level I)
From $540 per person
Online course, 1 evening online, 2 days in the field

Hybrid Avalanche Course (AAI Level I)

Hybrid Self-Paced Online Learning Course + Backcountry Field Days

Mount Baker 6-day Mountaineering Course
6 days

Mount Baker 6-day Mountaineering Course

An empowering mountaineering experience for eager to learn climbers

Winter Wasatch Backyard Training
From $530 (2 days)
2 to 3 days

Winter Wasatch Backyard Training

2 to 3 day alpine training programs in the Wasatch mountains of Utah